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World Awakenings is a podcast hosted and produced by certified Law of Attraction Life Coach, Karl Gruber, in which he investigates the how's and why's the world's population is on a fast track to spiritual enlightenment and awakening.

This podcast features interviews with metaphysical experts in all things metaphysical and spiritual, with focus on the Law of Attraction and the teachings of "A Course In Miracles", and how they play a major role in our moment-to-moment daily lives.


Apr 25, 2022

I am not exaggerating when I say that this episode of World Awakenings, with Julie Smith channeling the Ascended Master, Seth (yes, the same one Jane Roberts channeled in the 1970's!), and Ashtar, the Commander of the Galactic Light Force will BLOW YOUR MIND!! Both Seth & Ashtar offer other-worldy advice of Love, Light & Truth that will help you awaken from the darkness and chaos that rule the world. DO NOT MISS THIS ONE! Your heart & mind will be opened to new possibilities!

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