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World Awakenings is a podcast hosted and produced by certified Law of Attraction Life Coach, Karl Gruber, in which he investigates the how's and why's the world's population is on a fast track to spiritual enlightenment and awakening.

This podcast features interviews with metaphysical experts in all things metaphysical and spiritual, with focus on the Law of Attraction and the teachings of "A Course In Miracles", and how they play a major role in our moment-to-moment daily lives.


Jun 26, 2022

D. Neil Elliott is our featured guest on show #72 A few years ago, he had a successful business consulting firm & a great family, yet he found himself in a dark place in his life contemplating suicide. That is until he discovered what he calls the higher road – one that takes you to the higher realm of light, love, truth & awakening. Consequently he wrote the book, "A Higher Road: Cleanse Your Consciousness to Transcend the Ego and Ascend Spiritually". In this episode he talks about the road to and then out of his dark night of the soul, and what his 7 step process is to find inner peace, joy, love, abundance & prosperity is and how you can apply it to your own life to find that higher road!