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World Awakenings is a podcast hosted and produced by certified Law of Attraction Life Coach, Karl Gruber, in which he investigates the how's and why's the world's population is on a fast track to spiritual enlightenment and awakening.

This podcast features interviews with metaphysical experts in all things metaphysical and spiritual, with focus on the Law of Attraction and the teachings of "A Course In Miracles", and how they play a major role in our moment-to-moment daily lives.


May 11, 2022

My featured guest here on episode #65 of World Awakenings: The Fast Track to Enlightenment is conscious channel, Cindy Edison. She is the channel for The Collective of Ascended Masters know as Josef. Cindy notes that Josef is the collective consciousness and the evolutionary vibration of Seth, formerly channeled by Jane Roberts, and Abraham currently channeled by Ester Hicks. They bring with them the evolved vibration of what is referred to as the New Earth. Josef has written 4 books channeled through Cindy called, “Allow Your Soul to Lead” – Volumes 1, 2, 3 &4

Here is the link for Renee Marcou's iHeart Academy Life Coaching Certification