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World Awakenings is a podcast hosted and produced by certified Law of Attraction Life Coach, Karl Gruber, in which he investigates the how's and why's the world's population is on a fast track to spiritual enlightenment and awakening.

This podcast features interviews with metaphysical experts in all things metaphysical and spiritual, with focus on the Law of Attraction and the teachings of "A Course In Miracles", and how they play a major role in our moment-to-moment daily lives.


Jun 5, 2022

This episode of World Awakenings features Master Vedic Astrologer, Indra Rinzler. He has dedicated his life to the extensive study and practice of the 3 maps to conscious living - astrology, the enneagram, and the Wheel of Totality, plus his study & practice of the Yugas or the long cycles of humanity. Our chat with him takes this show into realms of the metaphysical and spiritual world we have not before investigated. There is much to learn and know on the path to awakening!