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World Awakenings is a podcast hosted and produced by certified Law of Attraction Life Coach, Karl Gruber, in which he investigates the how's and why's the world's population is on a fast track to spiritual enlightenment and awakening.

This podcast features interviews with metaphysical experts in all things metaphysical and spiritual, with focus on the Law of Attraction and the teachings of "A Course In Miracles", and how they play a major role in our moment-to-moment daily lives.


Dec 27, 2022

Monique Jose is our featured guest on episode #97 of "World Awakenings: The Fast Track to Enlightenment". She has spent the past 20+ years studying alternative healing methods such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, essential oils and more. She is also a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner and Certified Body Code Practitioner. Monique uses the Body Code modality, intuition, the law of attraction and energy testing to resolve issues and accomplish goals! Her unique testing approach provides her clients with extremely useful information which they can carry with them to have clarity on the biggest and smallest of decisions, but always keeping their overall goals in mind.

Here is the link to Karl Gruber's new book, "True Spirituality & the Law of Attraction: A Beautiful Symbiotic Relationship"